3 SEO Myths You Should STOP Believing In 2021!

After 2020 dropped a load of difficulties on the plates of businesses and industries all over the country, the field of Search Engine Optimization has seen its fair share of struggles and doubts. However, as the industry has proven time and time again with its constant developments, SEO will always remain as powerful and impactful as ever!

By now, you’ve probably become as familiar as you’ve ever been with the strategy after doing nearly anything and everything to maximize its potential impact on your efforts. As you go through the motions and set your business up for recovery in 2021 with the help of SEO, there is one hurdle you should ignore: the common SEO myths that may cloud your approach.

 Common Search Engine Optimization Myths

Although they’ve been around for the longest time, common SEO myths have become far more prevalent in recent years as more people get into the practice. In times like these, where even the smallest piece of data can pan out like wildfire, misinformation can easily ruin efforts to further their business.

Unfortunately, the unsettling truth about these myths is that many budding digital marketers and businesses fall prey to them. In fact, you may have fallen for at least a misconception or two while building your strategy—eventually hindering both your trajectory and efforts in the process.

While there may be many ways to succeed in 2021 and build a strategy that lasts on all levels, the best way to keep everything airtight is to not fall for common SEO myths. To help you out in avoiding such problems, here are some of the most common myths that you need to stop believing for the next year:

Myth #1: SEO is dying

In all honesty, one clear look on the internet and digital marketing forums is all you need to know that this is far from the truth!

The world of SEO has seen its strongest reign by far this year, thanks to the advent of digital media in the modern world. As more searchers continue to take the web by storm and depend on it for nearly every task in their daily lives and their never-ending quest to fulfill their curiosities, the strategy in question continues to serve as a valuable strategy.

With 2021 on the horizon and even more internet and search engine users expected to go online within the coming months, it’s safe to say that SEO isn’t dead. If you haven’t fully capitalized on the strategy in question yet and wish to do so, now is the perfect time because of all the opportunities that are about to roll in!

Myth #2: SEO isn’t for everybody

This myth is the biggest misconception that, unfortunately, too many people believe.

Thanks to the widespread nature of the internet and its ever-expanding database for websites and interests, there is no longer such a thing as a topic, niche, hobby, or industry that doesn’t thrive or can’t be found on the web. What this essentially means is that any kind of business—no matter how big, small, or select it is—will greatly benefit from the use of SEO to attract more attention, sales, and business growth opportunities!

Myth #3: SEO requires businesses to do everything by themselves

No matter how “hands-on” the world of SEO can seem, this doesn’t take away from the fact that getting outsourced help will easily go a long way towards attracting the right results. If you aren’t as well-versed with the technicalities of the strategy as you’d like and desire to capitalize on the opportunity at hand, then you can always enlist the services of an expert to help you out! 


While it is safe to say that the world of Search Engine Optimization is thriving more than ever and capable of yielding game-changing opportunities in the coming year, the myths associated with it can make matters more complicated. Thankfully, watching out for the three misconceptions mentioned above and preventing them from wreaking havoc on your strategy. By taking note of these, you can power through the start of the year on the best footing!

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