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4 Kinds of Branded Content to Increase Your Holiday Sales

The holiday season is fast approaching, and your business needs to find ways to insert itself into your customers’ gift shopping experience. However, you may be wary of competitors that can make your customer acquisition and sales goals more challenging to meet. 

Fortunately, you can gain the competitive advantage you need by producing branded content—content creation with branding awareness in mind. And we are here to help you consider lucrative content ideas fit for the holiday season. 

This article will discuss four kinds of branded content you can release before the holiday season to entice customers with your products and services. Take this as an opportunity to meet year-end business goals and invest in profitable ventures that will bring success! 

  • Webinars and other online events

Social media and video conferencing platforms are effective ways to promote your brand to an engaged audience. You can discuss topics that your business is passionate about and what products and services you provide as a valuable commodity fit for your customers’ interests and needs. 

For instance, let’s say you are a business that offers graphic design services for schools and daycare centers. Your company can host a webinar on visual aids for elementary school teachers. You can integrate how your graphic designers can produce customized infographics and talk about your upcoming special holiday packages. That way, you can promote why your brand is relevant to your target customers.  

  • Cost calculators and price comparison tools

The holiday season is ubiquitous to gift buying, meaning you can expect customers to compare prices, look for deals, and buy as many products and services as they can. 

Your business can go the extra mile by providing cost calculators and other price comparison tools—a user-friendly experience perfect for the holiday season shopper! You can also include holiday bundles and seasonal items to help you meet your sales goals. 

One of the best ways to incorporate cost calculators into your business website is to research your competitors’ equivalent products and services. Doing so allows you to adjust your pricing and find ways to justify why yours are either more expensive or cheaper than other brands. It can help your customers identify themselves as smart consumers and support your business as a trustworthy brand. 

  • Free downloadable resources 

Customers like to identify with the things they need to prepare for the holidays. For instance, Jewish customers want to consider the menu for their Hanukkah feast and ensure that they have everything they need to celebrate appropriately with their family. 

One of the best ways your business can become involved in these situations is through free downloadable resources, like checklists or shopping guides. Doing so helps your customers anticipate the holiday season and keep your brand in mind as a convenient source to meet their need to celebrate their holidays. Producing downloadable resources also enables you to have a strong customer base and brings you a steady flow of reliable profits. 

  • Informative blog posts 

Many individuals are always looking for ways to bring in new holiday traditions into their homes. For instance, pet owners want to look for ways to involve their dogs and cats during Christmas and New Year family dinners. One of the best ways to help your customers become inspired and think about your brand is through informative blogs, like the popular listicles and “how-to” guides. Doing so allows you to establish a strong online presence and capture your niche market effectively. 


Promoting your business can be challenging during the holidays, but there are practical ways to ensure that you are a trusted brand in your ideal market. You just need to produce high-quality, branded content and find digital marketing experts that can help you maximize your efforts. Invest in effective marketing and branding today! 

Are you looking for digital marketing services in Kansas? Partner with us at Akby, your full-service marketing agency. We can produce you with content creation solutions to promote your brand effectively. Invest in professional brand awareness to become a prominent business in your chosen industry!

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