5 Strategies to Create Effective Instagram Ads That Convert – What to Know

Various businesses are continuously entering the world of Instagram and creating ads on the platform to promote their products and expand their reach. However, since this app focuses solely on photos, Instagram Ads require a unique strategy to convert effectively.

There might be different reasons as to why your ads are not performing well. To connect with your audience better and increase your sales, here are some strategies that you can try to create more effective ads on Instagram:


Tell a story with your ads


Ads that include just your brand name, a simple tagline, and a generic picture can be dull and forgettable. This type of ad is typically ineffective and may lead your followers to just scroll through your photo or skip it altogether. 

To create an engaging ad, keep in mind that you are trying to captivate human beings. Therefore, remember that they are not only looking for the beauty of pictures but also for stories. They want to discover a deeper meaning behind the charm of your images. To achieve this, capture photos that appeal to the emotions and trigger curiosity. This will encourage interaction and engagement from your audience.


Showcase your products in use


To let your target audience visualize how your products can benefit them, you have to showcase your promotional products in use or in the context that best fits the items you offer. For instance, if you run a fashion brand that sells swimsuits, you may hire models wearing your clothes at the beach. 

Feature your items in real-life situations. Focus on the lifestyle of your target audience and incorporate your products into the setting.


Create concise captions


People are generally visual creatures. This is why content creation needs to emphasize images and videos rather than text. In case you need to incorporate text into your ad, make sure that it is brief, simple, and easy to read and understand. 


Utilize video format


Videos are the best way to highlight what you have to offer and catch the attention of your audience. You may introduce your brand and create a connection with your prospects and customers through an entertaining video series or interviews.


Feature influencers


Social media influencers and celebrities have the power to affect the purchase behavior of your audience, especially the fans. Because of this, investing in influencer marketing is usually seen as a smart move. 

Working with influencers and making celebrity endorsements will allow you to produce more compelling images and help your brand market your products effectively. They will post your products through their social media platforms, helping your content gain more traction and your brand to reach more audiences on Instagram. Your audience will find this refreshing, especially if you usually use just a basic image with your brand logo and bold text to promote your brand. 


To sum it all up, Instagram advertisements that look like stock photos are bound to fail. Your users are constantly bombarded with different types of content, so to ensure that your brand stands out and rises above the competition, you should always look for ways to capture the attention of your audience and keep them engaged. To achieve this, you may consider featuring your ads with stories, products in use, brief captions, videos, and influencers.

Take your business to the next level with effective Instagram ads. Contact us for more information.

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