These Affiliate Marketing Strategies Are Ideal for 2021

Affiliate marketing has become one of the rising trends in marketing in recent times. There are a lot of marketing strategies out there, like paid ads. There’s also no shortage of competitors, especially when it comes to influencer marketing on social media and the like.

Affiliate Marketing: A Timeless Marketing Tactic

With the advancement of technology and how trends as well as fads shift with time, many strategies tend to come and go. One of the most timeless ways to go about it is affiliate marketing. It’s a strategy that is generally based on performance. Affiliates are able to earn a commission as they market a product by a business or personality. 

A comprehensive marketing strategy usually has:

  • Affiliate network expansion
  • Establishing various commission tiers for multiple affiliate levels
  • Picking products/services for affiliate promotions
  • Setting affiliate payment mode (pay per click, per lead, or per sale)

There are five key elements involved in the process of affiliate marketing. These are:

  • Affiliates
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Commissions
  • Merchants
  • Products

The entire process is actually rather straightforward: It all starts with the Merchants who bring the Products to light for selling. The target market starts to become an Affiliate Network in itself. When people become interested and start signing up for things, they become Affiliates in themselves. As sales start to get going because of them, they will then be able to earn Commissions from that.

Affiliates will have a wide array of tools at their disposal, such as banners, e-mails, and links from Affiliate Networks. Their “job” is essentially to promote the products and encourage people (family, friends, followers, and such) to buy from Merchant. Whenever there’s a purchase made by someone that did so through an Affiliate, the referrer’s name generally reflects in the order. This is sometimes done through the likes of an affiliate code entered at checkout for online purchases.

Affiliate Benefits

Affiliate marketing can also be referred to as influencer marketing, as these personalities have a direct hand in whether or not the marketing campaign succeeds. When affiliates are able to work with brands, a key benefit they gain is also promotion. While they are promoting a product from a brand, they also get introduced to a possible new demographic and/or audience bracket from brand loyalists. Affiliates earn commissions when their friends and/or followers order through them, usually by using a special code online or a dedicated link.

Merchant Benefits

When affiliate programs are at play, it means a professional representative sales force is looking to get built by a retailer. This selected team will help amplify brand awareness as well as contribute to achieving target sales numbers. Affiliates can even act on behalf of the merchant when it comes to handling new orders, much like the usual one-to-one customer service rule.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most timeless and versatile marketing strategies out there. It involves merchants having their products promoted by affiliates, who then earn a commission. It’s a win-win situation in terms of brand awareness for both the brand and the affiliate, especially since the latter are usually influencers.

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